Christian living for noobs (written by another noob)

Hello. Welcome to my humble blog spot and allow me to thank you for taking the time to visit me here.

This blog will be a web version of my “thinking out loud” moments.

If I were to compare my understanding of Your vast glory, Lord I will be the first to say I'm a NOOB!

In my 10 years of being a Christian, as I learn more about God, I realized there’s so much more to learn about Him; that in all these years what I learned of Him and about Him, is less than 1% of who that he really is. So I still consider myself a noob*, a beginner, a novice, a learner.

In one encounter with the Lord in our secret place, I believe He impressed in my heart that while most of the things He revealed to me are for my personal consumption, some of them may well be worth posting in public; As I was personally uplifted, others may also be edified.

As mentioned above, this will serve as window and journal to the millions of things that come and go in my mind. I am aware some of the things I will be writing here may not always be aligned with sound Biblical principles, as I try to contemplate about life and how God deals with His people. Pardon my folly, I am no expert and I’m just another novice trying to know more about his God.

In other words, this will be a personal journal of how I try to understand God and His works, and in the process try to practically apply it in my personal life (and hopefully others who read this will do the same).

I am just another imperfect Christian, and this is my notebook, expect to see imperfections and erasures as I learn in life — by His grace, through faith.

*noob is Internet slang for newbie or beginner. often a pejorative term.


4 thoughts on “Christian living for noobs (written by another noob)

    • Thanks for liking. I’m glad you find the blog worth reading (although some entries were in my native language). I also checked your blogsite and found some inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life.

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