Individual, unique, with love.

The Lord deals with us individually, in personal ways that intimately matches our uniqueness.

he deals with you and me personally.

To some, he handles them like a babe

To some, he handles like babies, to others he challenges like warriors, while others he molds with fire. As no two person can be the same, the ways of the Lord is unique to every living soul.

But one thing is common, everything he does is love, even if you understand it or not.

3 thoughts on “Individual, unique, with love.

  1. midz :God understands.. i hope people too..

    That’s the problem. Most people are short-sighted and self-centered. If they make mistakes, they want other people to cut them some slacks, but they ain’t willing to give a little elbow room for other people’s imperfections. I mean, what’s the problem with ya’ all?

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