Lucid Dreams: the answer to a mystery

Today, thanks to Wikipedia, I accidentally uncovered a mystery that has haunted me for a very long time. Before that, I have long been trying to find an answer to a certain phenomenon that has happened to me countless times, events so significant that they actually changed my life. I do not know what it was, or what to call it . Being a man of science, an IT enthusiast to be exact, I normally try to find scientific and logical explanations to almost everything, including spiritual things.

Wikipedia described it as Lucid Dreams – in simplest terms, it is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.

Normally, when we are in dreamworld we don’t have the level of consciousness similar to when we are awake, this is because when we are sleeping our brain’s dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DL-PFC) are deactivated.

The DL-PFC is the area of our brains  that controls working memory, motor function and recognition. (Yep, science is my fave subject).

Michael Willmann (1630–1706), "the Dream of Jacob"

In cases of lucid dreams on the other hand, especially the Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams (WILD), the consciousness (especially working memory) is retained. Typically this happens when the dreamer experiences something strange, and when they stop to question their reality, they realize they are in a dream. Lucid dreams happen naturally on occasion, although some people may have them naturally more often than others.* Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established.


But enough of the Jimmy Neutron stuffs. Allow me tell you my first-hand experience when I enter this state.

I don’t enter into a lucid dream willfully, or on a regular basis; it just happens randomly. But whenever I do, the subject of my lucid dreams has always been the same: a Man dressed in white linen suddenly appears (or sometimes enters the room) and sits beside me, at one side of the bed. I have never seen his face, but all I can remember is his clothes, especially the manggas of his sleeves, the overflowing peace and His voice. His clothes are similar to the one described in Revelations 1:13 (I just checked today and yes they are the same) like an old-fashioned Jewish clothes portrayed in Bible story books (those with pictures for children).

When he enters or suddenly appears in the room, there is tremendous peace filling the room, and when he speaks it sounds like cool rain-forest water in a shallow creek. It is so cool and so mesmerizing to the innermost being of your soul. Takes your stress away.

Most of the time, I don’t always recognize that I am already in a lucid dream (hence it is always a W.I.L.D. one). If anyone is in my room BEFORE I enter that state, I am fully aware of their movements. I hear their voices and see their actions. Everything seems to be completely real and I am fully conscious. It is only when He speaks (e.g. he calls my name) that I recognize I am in that state again; hence I call it the “state between sleep and awake”.

My first lucid dream is unforgettable: I can still vividly remember that encounter, as if it has permanently ingrained into my memory. It was the time when He told me about His plans for me.

(to be continued)



8 thoughts on “Lucid Dreams: the answer to a mystery

  1. can I ask question kuya? ano naman ibig sabihin nung dreams na in sequence. meaning., parang magkakasunod yung napapaniginipan mo. the same person in different place and scene. 🙂

  2. hi jai, thanks for dropping by. honestly i don’t know the answer to your question. im not an expert in dream interpretation and to b honest with you, kung di p nga ngyari skin ito, i personally don’t believe that dreams do hve spiritual connotations.

    but abt ur case, BAKA nga may message n pinapahiwatig ang Lord. not sure though. ikaw b ano b conviction mo?

  3. cguro another thing u may want to ask yourself is kung ngyri nb s iyo ito dati? like was there a time n after this “series of dreams” something relevant happened in real life na pwede mong maasociate sa dreams mo. may simething common ba or pattern?

    s case kse ko kse, i hd multiple cases of lucid dreams and they all hv somting in common: 1) they always happen AFTER my quiet time or when im meditating on his word 2) they usually happen in the aftrnoon, or somtyms first few minutes of falling asleep at night, but never on a deep sleep. 3) in all of my lucid dreams, the same man visits me.

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  5. hi kuya. naalala ko na naman ung Inception dahil sa kwento mo 😀 Lucid dream din yung ineexplain ni Cobb kay Ariadne…
    Pag nagkekwento ka ng ganyan kuya, kakaiba ung nagiging feeling ko, there’s trembling inside me. Blessed ka nga talaga 🙂

    • oo nga, naiisip ko nga rin ung Inception eh. haha. actually that movie inspired me to read in wikipedia, kse nga it happened also to me. until un nga, nalaman ko Lucid dream pala tawag dun. such an experience.

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