Manifesting an overflowing of joy

Today, out of nowhere, I found myself enjoying writing spontaneous words of encouragement to friends at random. I have no idea what they are exactly going through, but nonetheless I still keep at it. The reason is not totally clear to me, but all I know is that I am overjoyed and that I wanted to share this joy unspeakable. The picking is totally random, and the words are totally spontaneous. And I so love it. Because I myself feel blessed after finishing each of them, as if I don’t write them, and makes me feel further  motivated to write even more.

This is what I learned today:

1. That the overwhelming grace of God which you found, can only be shared to others if you have had your fill, personally enjoyed it, filled your cup, and filled further to an overflow. You can not share something that you do not have. A sermon about rejoicing in times of trouble is no match to a single, genuine smile of a person whose trust is in the Lord,  whose heart rests in full confidence of the Lord’s salvation, amidst trials and pain.

2. Ministry is just an overflow of a personal and dynamic encounter with the Lord. It is a manifestation of joy unspeakable, a forgiven heart’s way of returning thanks to God for His grace. Our ministry may change as we grow in His likeness, but our position in Christ does not change. Sometimes we tend to be deceived that when we have ministry we are in effect serving God, but that is not always the truth. So sometimes God will take away all our ministries from us, and ask us to minister to him alone.

Have you been tired lately? Run to him, find your soul’s refreshment. He has a lot of things in store for you. He who finds Jesus, finds life. Let his joy feel you to an overflow, only after then will you be able to share his gospel, using words only if deemed necessary.

Arise. There’s so much darkness in the world now. Do your part, light and salt of the world.


2 thoughts on “Manifesting an overflowing of joy

  1. wow…
    totoo yun…
    it’s about the principle of
    “flow and overflows” 🙂
    you cannot minister if you’re not ministered…
    its sad to know that some ministers are EMPTY…
    kaya nga we also have empty worship…empty service.

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