Mending nets together

It is impossible to fish with broken nets

Although each believer is called to be a fisher of men, one must face the reality that life is a process which “shreds” our nets and sometimes gets them so tangled up that we can barely function. A good fisherman sits down with another fisherman and mend their nets, as this is always a task done in team work.

The Church, the Bride of Christ, is nowadays in desperate need of people who will help in the task of mending nets. This is a time of plenty harvest, souls of men waiting to be hauled in. But it is impossible to fish with a broken net. If we as leaders are not helping others to mend their nets and restore order in their lives, we are not fulfilling our calling. We are wasting our time and effort.


Workers, if we see issues and problems in our local church, and we did nothing but give our best criticism, then we are not being a part of the solution. We do not go to church carrying scorecards like those in TV program Showtime , raising them for each “performances” by those who take part in the Sunday service program. We are not “Madlang People” expected to give scores and rate the Pastor’s message.

This is a timely call to all Christians, especially the young people, and more especially those in the corporate world. You did not finish college and gained skills so you will enjoy it for yourself. We may be more educated than our lowly pastors. But God has equipped us with our skills not just for ourselves; its time we also equip our Church. Whatever works in the corporate often works for the Church too!

Let us not think that our pastors and leaders can handle it by themselves. Nobody owns monopoly of wisdom or even anointing. The Perfect Church is one made up of a bunch of imperfect Christians fully dependent of one another. Everyone of us needs the ministry of others in our lives to mend our nets and to make up what is lacking in our faith.

The greek word for equipping is katartidzo, it means to make something fit, to restore, to make complete. When churches and their leaders mend nets together as a team the result is unity.

Arise. Make haste. Equip His people. Equip His Bride.


About the Author


Randy Jay Burgos — fondly called w3bservant– is a Christian youth leader,  motivational speaker and an IT enthusiast specializing in open-source web development solutions. His passion is to help the Body of Christ develop and equip top-caliber youth leaders, whose notable excellence in their chosen field is a powerful testimony that inspires others to live a Christ-centered life.

He currently works as a trainer for a US-based consulting company in the Philippines.

This post is encouraged by Reflections on katartidzo And The Role of Leadership In Mending One Another’s Nets freely available from Parousia Network.
The author is not affiliated with Parousia Network.

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