Where's my Adam?

“Shortage of Christian men may be one of the issues that directly affects a Christian family more than the RH bill does”. — w3bservant

I attended a funeral today. A former brethren and co-worker in His vineyard was finally called to meet our Master. This fellow believer of ours died in a sweet age of 38 due to complications of kidney disease.

Several young people in our church attended the final wake; And as expected, the discussions later leaned towards the topic of romantic relationships, particularly because the late brethren remained single and died unmarried.

I opened the topic about the “challenge” of finding the right man/woman nowadays, particularly to young men and women who are already in the marrying age. Among the group, 3 ladies seem to be extremely interested. In the sense of being fair to them, the 3 girls are all beauty and brains <see picture below as proof of concept>. In just one quick look, you will know these are no-nonsense, goal-oriented, witty and determined young gals. (Man, I’ve known them since they were kids. in fact I think I have been their teacher in Sunday school ages ago. hahahaha.) Faith Ann, the oldest of the trio, is a fresh graduate and yet already works for PAL as a ground attendant. Abby and Shiela, on the other hand are still in college with academic excellence good to enough to give them bragging rights.

I believe each of these lovely ladies deserve no less than a man after God's own heart.

But what really caught my attention is the way they think. These girls, who were actually just in their sweet teenage years, already have clear visions about their future. Their mindsets are already beyond their years. Such a potential!

The discussion was really engaging. Until a comment about the seemingly growing “disparity” in the ratio between girls and boys was raised. To cite an example, the late brethren reached the age of 38 and died unmarried. Was that a choice, or a lack of choice? Choice of what?

I think this is a glaring issue the Christian Church faces today, and I believe if this remains unchecked, the Christian ladies are the ones who will be sustaining the most casualties. Let’s face it. There is a “shortage of supply” for males, and I haven’t even mentioned about real Christian men!

Yes, I mean MEN, not boys. Christian ladies like Faith Ann, Abby and Shiela deserve more than just boys– boys of this world who care about their face more than their faith. But they also don’t need men who measure their masculinity by how many girlfriends they have had, or how many women they had sex with. There are a lot of wonderful, talented, smart, noble and lovely ladies in our churches, in fact there are far too many of them, who deserve REAL MEN. Real men who are after God’s heart first and foremost, real men who can cry before the Lord and not be ashamed of it. Men who will not exploit the trust of a woman’s heart to feed his egocentric appetite. Men willing to wait, and pray while waiting, and work towards what the Lord has asked him to do, until this love blooms— made beautiful in its perfect time.

If I will pray for revival, I will pray that there be revival in the hearts of our young men. That we will rise towards our God-given calling, which is to lead in humility. To be priests and kings of our future kingdom, which is our family. I pray that young men will rise to become kings and priests in every family: kings– to lead, provide and protect; and priests– to lead his household towards genuine worship of the Living God, through Christ Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If only there are enough Christian men in the Church, then maybe there won’t be any “matandang dalaga” in the Church.

There won’t be any young girls anxiously asking: Lord, where is my Adam?

About the Author


Randy Jay Burgos — fondly called w3bservant– is a Christian youth leader,  motivational speaker and an IT enthusiast specializing in open-source web development solutions. His passion is to help the Body of Christ develop and equip top-caliber youth leaders, whose notable excellence in their chosen field is a powerful testimony that inspires others to live a Christ-centered life.

He currently works as a trainer for a US-based consulting company in the Philippines.

12 thoughts on “Where's my Adam?

  1. This is one comment I got from FB. So I am sharing it here. Posted by Joan Veniga.

    i beg to disagree…parang sinasabi mong hindi marunong magsupply ang Diyos… san ka ba naka-focus na bansa? sa Pinas lang ata or some few…but in the whole world, meron at maraming supply…. one thing I know, hindi nawawalan ng supply ang Diyos… (parang commodity lang… hhhehehehe).

  2. So sinasabi nya ba na dapat umalis sa bansa ang mga pinay para makita si Adam nila? Parang mali rin ung pagiisip na ganun sir. Kahit pa sabihin nating sa ibang bansa mas madami ang lalaki, eh bakit, majority ba ng mga babae dito sa atin kayang mag-abroad? O di kaya naman po, yun bang mga lalaki sa ibang bansa ay pupunta dito para balansehin ang supply and demand? Siguro nasasabi nya yun kase “secured” na sya, may asawa na or may BF na. Or, nagwo-work ba sya sa recruitment agency? hehehe din.

    Sa palagay ko tama naman ang obserbasyon mo, ganun din kase ang napapansin ko eh.

  3. Hi eve,

    I would like to answer your questions one by one…then conclusion

    #1. Going abroad and going here — it doesn’t mean that you go to different countries to search for your Adam but there is a possibility as well as they go here. *note* you don’t have to work for it, just wait. WAIT…..

    #2. If I am married or have a BF? – I am 28yrs old, no boyfriend since birth. Secured? Yes, because I know who is my God, and He knows everything that I need, and I trust Him. And I have been praying for my partner in life for 17 yrs.

    #3. If I am working in a recruitment agency ? – No I am not, neither in a travel agency but I do travel for countries for some quite years.

    My point here is, the God who created the world from “nothing” that He called for light and there was. The God who parted the red sea. And the God who gave His only Son for me, is the same God today and forever. Kung kaya nga niyang mabigay yung pinaka-mamahal niyang Anak for you, yun pa kayang “partner” in life? So kapag ipinagdamot niyayung “Adam” mo eh ibig sabihin mas importante yun kesa kay Jesus. You must only know your calling, (single or married). Then if you are called to be married, then He will give it to you. Pwedeng makarating ka sa ibang lugar or pwedeng “dingdong fresh delivery from heaven” right there and there from where you are. You will be just being WOWWED by God.

    Philippians 4:19 …And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” It is a mocked to Him that we are doubting His ability to supply…Trust me… alam ng Diyos ang ginagawa niya..He is the father of demand and supply…John 6:12-13 (feeding of 5000)


    Imagine this, a glass with half water…..how will you describe it? Half-empty or half-full? Kalahating-puno or kalahating hindi puno? Both are correct. Well it is your way of seeing… Then if you see it in an empty side or its fullness, you know the answer, you either looking on the supply or in the lack.

    But for me, I always see God’s supply. He will never run of it. But of course kapag sa partner in life sapat na sa akin ang isa.

    Be blessed!

  4. hmm…i believe it’s pre-ordained snd pre-determined…but we have “free will” so the choice is still yours…in this way i caould say that LOVE is also a DECISION…indeed…

  5. Pre-ordained? not sure eh. Bakit sabi ni Paul, he advice singles that it is better not to marry, but better marry to avoid falling into temptation. So meaning, optional/choice.

    Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do. BUT IF they cannot control themselves, they SHOULD marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion. 1 Cor 7:8-9

  6. finally nkapagbasa din aq 😉

    wow, nice blog kuya 🙂

    If only there are enough Christian men in the Church, then maybe there won’t be any “matandang dalaga” in the Church.

    haha, parang dumadami tlga matandang dalaga s church ah 🙂
    minsan kc kelangan dn ntn alamin if anu tlga ang design ng Lord s lovelife ntn pra hndi tau nppressure. if God has designed you to have a beloved den u will have no matter wt, but if u are destined not to have a beloved, still trust in the LORD. He always have His great plan.
    A million times better than our plans. 🙂

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