Grapes and Humility

In my previous entry Learning Humility, I mentioned about the Hebrew word of humility. In Hebrew, the word for grape is “Ah-nav” and the word for a humble person is also “ah-nav.”

There is no wine without pressing the grapes

Also, in the Hebrew word, humility and affliction share the same root word, ‘anah.  In the OT, affliction mean “to lower, humble, or “deny” (‘anah), hence a person who is humble is ah-‘nav.

So what’s the connection? Bakit ihina-halintulad ang isang humble person sa isang grape? Let’s see:

A grape is something whose value increases or improves when it is squeezed. A glass of wine is more valuable than a kilo of grapes. Only when the grape is pressed, pressured, squeezed and squashed does it reveal it’s true excellence. The same is true of a humble person. You can not tell the true value of a person sa panlabas na kaanyuan lamang. Only under pressure can we see the true worth of a person. And napansin mo ba, how many people stumble and sway due to pressures? A truly humble person is able to come out of a difficult situation unscathed.

Another thing about a grape is that it is of little value when it is by itself. Nasubukan mo na bang bumili ng grape? Yes, I said GRAPE, not grapes. Imagine you going to the store and say, “Ale pabili ng isang grape”. A humble person is like a single grape. Para sa isang humble person, his role in life is of importance only when he is together in a social structure. Together, with his society, he shares his life with others.

Masakit maging grape, masakit ang pigain, tapakan, at durugin. Pero naisip ko, maybe God is teaching me the true meaning of sacrifice. And the true meaning of sacrifice is obedience. It means alam mo yung pain na katumbas ng pagsunod mo, na masasaktan ka, pero you decided to go on. You gather the willpower para magpatuloy. You can not call it a sacrifice if it does not hurt you. Sabi nga ni David, I will not offer the Lord anything that cost me nothing.

Mahirap matutuhan ang true humility. No human is naturally humble. Pag may nakita tayong taong nasaktan tapos hindi nagreact tapos ngumiti pa na parang walang alam, I’m sure hindi mo tatawaging humble yung tao na yun. Malamang pagdududahan mo kung matino ba ang isip nya.

Humility is not timidity or cowardice. Humility is knowing what you deserve, being fully aware of your rights and privileges, pero pinili mong huwag ipaglaban at ipilit ang mga rights and privileges na iyon. Humility is not being naive or ignorant na naapakan na pala ang pagkatao at mga karapatan mo. Humility is you know you are putting yourself in a situation/position na pwede kang ma-offend (or nao-offend ka na nga talaga), but you choose NOT to be offended. A humble person is someone who makes that firm choice. And we see the perfect example of this humility in Jesus,  “who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, 7 but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. 8 And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross” (- Phil 2:6-8).

In conclusion, a humble person is like a grape that produces the sweetest drop of wine. Sa kabilang banda, ang taong may pride, kapag nasasaktan, kapag naapakan, madalas bitter at nagsa-sour-graping. Ikaw, nagsa-sourgraping ka ba?

About the Author


Randy Jay Burgos — fondly called w3bservant– is a Christian youth leader,  motivational speaker and an IT enthusiast specializing in open-source web development solutions. His passion is to help the Body of Christ develop and equip top-caliber youth leaders, whose notable excellence in their chosen field is a powerful testimony that inspires others to live a Christ-centered life. He currently works as a trainer for a US-based consulting company in the Philippines.


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