Uphill climb

My Lord, give me strength for I am in pain
my heart is weary, my hands are in chain
I want to be strong, but I can’t help but cry
People mock me, I don’t understand why
I feel something heavy, and I feel being pushed
as I walk in their midst, I am judged and accused
I call to You Lord, lend me your ear
I am broken and hopeless, my soul is gripped with fear
Are you still with me? Is this your will?

in my silent tears, the Lord spoke….

Because when you finish this uphill climb...

My Child, take up your cross and walk.
You can cry, you can weep, but do not talk.
When friends approach and ask you why,
do not stop, do not whine– just smile.
When people scorn you and laugh
have strength my Child, look up!
For it is my will that they see you in pain,
as you partake in My walk of shame
because when you finish this uphill climb
they ALL will see your great reward.

an original composition, inspired by personal circumstances

–w3bservant, in silent pain (5/28/2011)


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