Back in action after 4 days offline

I realized Internet really is a necessity nowadays. Or atleast for a techie like me.

So when our Globe Wimax Echolife modem stopped working all of a sudden on the night May30, I initially felt less efficient.

But it revealed a lot about my habits.

I am primarily a web person; preferring to communicate by mail or chat thru Internet rather than SMS/calls through my mobile phone. I spend an average of 14hrs per day in front of a computer monitor — 9hrs are spent in the office, my part-time job as a web-developer requires additional 3 hrs/day, and the rest are recreational in nature. Most of my transactions such as paying bills are done over the web, and my primary source of information is Google. I “socialize” with friends over Facebook, I read His Word through or my mobile Bible (so I can switch to different versions), my ideas are often captured into an MS Word or notepad file, and most of my personal reflections and journals were written in this blog. Needless to say, you will seldom see me without a computer nearby. (Yes, my mobile is a Windows-based smartphone so that’s also counted.)

Now, after 4 days I’m back online. The lamp-shade looking modem from Globe has been promptly replaced by their field technician on his 3rd trip back to our house.

But it became an eye-opener, so I made a choice to exercise self-control and discipline over my “online-ness”. I don’t want to be mastered by my gadgets. Besides, spending more than 50% of my day sitting down increases my risk of developing health problems. I’ve heard enough about people dying young because of a sedentary lifestyle.

Oh well, learning is a lifetime process. And I praise God because He speaks timely messages even through practical means, such as temporary interruption of technical service.


One thought on “Back in action after 4 days offline

  1. This is a great post!

    Growing up can always be a challenge. But the greatest thing about these challenges, even though they seems to be tough, is the idea that God’s love is tougher and HE never fails to remind us on that.

    May the Lord continue to bless your writing! 😀

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