Fellowship of Effective Bloggers for Christ

FEBC - so you think you can blog

It was the tip of an iceberg, the boot-strapping of a program, the spark of a wildfire, the front act of a concert, the first cry of a revolution– but no matter from which angle you look, it was just the beginning of something big.

On the evening of July 18, 2011, the training room BM06 of Greenhills Christian Fellowship witnessed the unraveling of a wonderful plan to stage a godly revolution towards achieving the Great Commission in online format, that is, to make Jesus known in the blogosphere — a dream come true for every Christian blogger present in that room. Under the banner of Christian brotherhood, FEBC spearheaded the first-ever fellowship event for Christian bloggers in the Philippines, with a challenging title: So you think you can blog.

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3 thoughts on “Fellowship of Effective Bloggers for Christ

  1. I’m glad you made it to the Christian bloggers fellowship organized by FEBC Randy. Sayang I wasn’t able to make it. My daughter got sick. I’m excited to see you becoming more active in the FEBC ministry through your gift in blogging. Stay in touch Randy.

    God bless!

    Ate Maloi

    • Aww, sayang naman, but I hope your little angel’s OK now.

      Actually I was really looking forward to see you again, kasi I brought with me yung book that you gave me, palagyan ko po sana ng dedication. My mom is such a big fan of yours po, sobra! (Syempre ako rin.)

      Anyways, I believe we will still see each other. Yes, I will definitely keep in touch. Thanks po for the encouragement, I’m both honored and humbled; and of course for inviting me to the event. It was so fun and engaging.


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