Is it Ok to pray for lovelife? | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

“Hey Christine, wait up!” A familiar high-pitch voice came from behind as she walks silently along the school pathway. She quickly turned to see Rachelle walking briskly towards her direction. Even from this distance, it’s quite easy to notice the smile beaming across her friend’s face.

She stopped walking and stood under the shade. A cool monsoon wind gently blows through the leaves of a nearby tree and played with her shoulder-length hair.

“Actually, I was planning to see you after class. Something’s bothering me.” she said in a low voice as they resumed walking.

“Like what?”

Rachelle is 2 years older and so she often seeks her advise concerning spiritual matters. They share secrets and know each other’s silent hopes, dreams and fears.

“Uhmm, Is it Ok to specifically pray for love life? I mean does God answer prayers about love?”

“I see. Ok, first of all you must keep in mind that prayer is a conversation between man and the God who created him. It is a very relational and very personal thing. Yes, there are certain mechanics of prayer like that in the Lord’s prayer, but the way we pray is always unique to each individual.

But I think the most important thing is that we come as honest as we can. God loves it when we are authentic about what we feel or think. Think about prayer as if you are talking to your best friend. So if God is your best friend and you are honestly talking about what you feel, what could be wrong with that? I’m sure God will be willing to hear your giggles as you tell your stories, just like when I tell him my kilig stories.”

“Does God answer prayers about love?”

“God always answers prayers, not just about love. But you see, prayer is not what we do to change God’s mind. Contrary to what most people believe, we don’t pray to manipulate God. As if the more we pray, or the more sacrificial the prayer is, the more chances of making God work in our favor. No, it doesn’t work that way.”

“So how do I pray properly without trying to manipulate God? Do I tell Him what I want?”

“Again praying is an honest conversation. You were honest to me when you told me you had a crush on Leo. Honestly, I don’t like him for you, but I didn’t stop you from talking. Until you asked me for my opinion. That’s the time I told you my side. It’s the same with prayer. Prayer is not just about humans doing the talking and asking, but it’s also about listening to God, which is more important. It is about staying connected to Him and asking His will. It is asking God to help you in making decisions that honors him not just in love but life in general.”

“So how do I know what His answer is? Do I ask for signs?”

“Good question. You see, before you can know WHAT THE ANSWER to your prayer is, you first have to know HOW HE ANSWERS your prayer.”

She wanted to ask more questions, but she’s already late for her first subject. She hurried towards Room 106 and entered just in time her name was called for attendance. Saved by the bell.

8 thoughts on “Is it Ok to pray for lovelife? | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

  1. haha! dugtongan mo na’to Kuya…

    masarap kausap si LORD as a bestfriend.
    kaya para sakin, ok lang mag mention ng name…
    i also include in my prayer na kung hindi man will ni LORD yun, let His fire burn the feelings and longings…and i feel at peace with it…sooner the feelings just fade away…see? Prayer is knowing God’s will… God bless you!!!

  2. pero Kuya, may nabasa ako about “Propiety of Worship” ata yun…basta parang may di ako ma-gets dun…parang sa Corinthians ata yun…not so sure what book…under prayer pa ang pag-intindi ko dun…kasi parang may sinabi dun na “is it right for a woman to pray…” still di maintindihan pinaka-context…hehe

  3. I LOVE this grabeh…. kaka enlight HUH…. ehhh panu po yun kuya kung madalas ung guy nagflash sa mind mo ng di mo iniisip??? dba? but ako kasi pinagppray ko ayokong mahulog sa PIT ni satan…

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