Confession of an Imperfect Christian


Every Christian has his own imperfections.

Contrary to what most people believe, being a Christian does not mean becoming like Christ, rather it is the process of becoming like Christ. It is not the destination, but the journey. It is not the resting state of perfection, but rather being on an active state of transformation – a process that is usually slow and painful.

Christians are like pupa

This blog is a compilation of stories, anecdotes, testimonies and honest confessions that aims to present the fact that Christians are as human as everybody else. That when a man decides to become a Christian, that is the point in his life when he is both weakest and strongest — weakest because he undergoes a painful metamorphosis, just like when a caterpillar enters the vulnerable pupa stage; Strongest because deciding to follow Christ takes more than willpower and human strength. But it is only through this state of utter weakness and dependency, that the Christian truly experiences God’s strength – working in him and through him.

To the struggling Christian, may you find strength through these pages in knowing that you are not the only one struggling with sin and temptations. Our struggles and weaknesses may be different, but we all do struggle in one way or another.

To the observing world, behold our imperfections. Watch as we go through the painful process of trying and failing and trying again. Watch closely, because it is through the imperfections and unworthiness of every Christians that the perfect and stubborn love of Christ is most demonstrated. We were as sinful and as lost as everybody else, but while we were yet sinners, He loved us. That is the message of the cross– and the message is for you.

All Christians are imperfect, all Christians are work in progress, and it is for this reason that we need Christ in every step of this battle. These are the diaries of our struggles; these are the Notes of an Imperfect Christian.

— w3bservant —

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