Jesus loves the black sheep

Have you ever felt that you are the black sheep in a herd of white lambs? It could be in your family, or in the Church, or in any setting where everyone seems to be doing according to the rules with so little effort — except you.

It felt terribly awful, did it not?

Especially when it feels that all other sheep are making it obvious that you are the odd one out, sticking out like a sore thumb.

I think that’s a problem with us humans. We become critical of things we do not understand.

In our society, it is often portrayed that the black sheep is the runaway youth, the law-breaker, the person with an attitude problem. He’s one who can’t seem to get along with other people, almost always has problems dealing with the authorities, is rebellious, insensitive and self-centered. A black sheep in the Church is tagged as one having an “Absalom spirit”, and most of the time is marked as unwilling to take a rebuke.

If you feel like the sentences above describes you, then you are a black sheep. And if you feel that you are a black sheep, I have news for you:

Have you read the parable of the lost sheep? Although it’s not in the Bible, I am convinced that the color of the lost sheep is black.

A black sheep is often the one who strays away from the herd. Hard-headed and stubborn, he often finds himself lost in the woods. But Jesus, the Good Shepherd, leaves the 99 “white lambs”  to save the black sheep that got lost. That is the good news of His grace.

Are you a black sheep? Stop where you are.

Don’t wander any further. Just cry out to God. Wherever you are, whatever your situation is, no matter how painful, or how dark, or how far you have come, Jesus will find you. Just call out to Him. He is mighty to save. He will not stop until he finds you.

Let Him find you, let Him carry you in His arms and bring you back — because Jesus loves the black sheep.

8 thoughts on “Jesus loves the black sheep

  1. the black sheep isn’t “evil”.. just misunderstood..
    youngsters today are often treated as that kasi yung ibang shepherd nila ay di sila naaabot, kaya hindi sila naiintindihan. kadalasan naman, sila mismo ang ayaw ipaintindi sa shepherd nila ang kanilang kalagayan. either way, we know that Jesus is the true Shepherd and He understands the most.. 🙂

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