I miss you (A Father's letter to His prodigal child)

Dear Child,

Child, I know what you are going through. There was never a moment that I took my eyes off you. You see you are the apple of my eyes, and I have always kept you in a special place in my heart. Nothing can change that, nothing will. Nothing can separate you from me. Not problems, or crisis, or persecutions, or demonic assaults, or even your sins… Yeah, even your sins can’t separate you from me.

God misses you. He is not angry. Get back to him.

What are you doing? Why are you doing this? Are you trying to be God, giving yourself a hard, self-inflicting punishment? By making your life miserable through not forgiving yourself, you so thought that you are already carrying out justice? Don’t you remember that only those who are in authority have the authority to punish? And between you and me, it is I who has the right and the authority to do such? Justice is mine, I am the judge and you are the defendant. It is I who decide how, what and when. I also have all rights reserved to cancel out any punishment that someone deserves, whenever I pleases.

Here, let us reason out together. Stop taking the guilt trips. Please. You are making it hard for both of us. Silence your soul and listen to my voice.

Stop thinking I am angry with you. I am not. Surprised? No, don’t be. Yes, I have issues with sin. Yes, I can’t allow sin in my presence. But you see, My Son took care of the sin issue for you 2 thousand yrs ago. All the wrath I can pour, He took, so now all I can pour to you is love.

Instead of running away from me, run back to me now. Make haste. You see, its so cold outside. And I know you are shivering. And there are wolves out in the open, waiting to grab you anytime. The door is open, I never closed it. Come inside, come back into the warmth of my Love, into my arms. Grab a chair and let’s talk face to face.

Though your sins are as red as blood, I will make them white as snow. You tried to carry out punishment against yourself, but you see, what I wanted to show you is GRACE.

You won’t understand grace if you are still outside. It’s hard to talk through the windows shivering in the cold.

Come inside now. Come back home. I miss you. and I love you.


This post was written Oct 18, 2010 in FB notes. I didn’t know it would be a prequel to the “Broken Vow“.

2 thoughts on “I miss you (A Father's letter to His prodigal child)

  1. “Are you trying to be God, giving yourself a hard, self-inflicting punishment?”
    through this, I realize that believers who “give” themselves “disciplinary actions” also are playing God.

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