Reactions to 5 stupid things Christian youths do in Facebook

In my other blog RandomFlow Magazine, I recently posted a blog entry with a rather “controversial” title and an equally hard-hitting content: 5 stupid things Christian youths do/posts in their Facebook profile

In a couple of hours after it was posted, the entry has reached high page-views putting RandomFlow on rank #23 in

But it also attracted criticisms, and I’m going to briefly share some of them below:

Critic #1: Kuya, ang harsh naman po yata nung blog mo na “5 stupid things Christian youths do in their facebook profile.” Isa ako sa nagpost ng planking eh.

Me: Yes, truth hurts. Reality bites. Pero kung hindi ko nai-point out yun, dadami pa ang mga uto-utong Kristyano. May makita lang na trending repost agad nang hindi nagiisip. Christians are supposed to be role-models of Godly wisdom, and that includes use of social media.

Critic #2: Good point, but you are hitting a lot of raw nerves.

Me: Sometimes, we need to stand for what is right, even if it means going against the status quo. Yes, I am doing a rebellion. This is eXcellence Revolution.

Critic #3: You seem to be good using satirical tone. Keep it up.

Me: I don’t intend to make a mockery of Christians, as I am also one. But let me quote (again) what Pastor Geoff Surratt said in his book 10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing,

“I want to be that friend … the one willing to point out the unzipped zipper, the broccoli between the teeth, the glaring mistake that others can’t or won’t bring to the struggling [Christian’s] attention.”


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