One night
before the Lord
I find myself thrown to the ground.

Utterly condemned
by my own conscience
— accusations in a deafening sound.

My mind
screaming of self-condemnation
thinking what the people would say.

Then the Lord wrote on the ground
and immediately
all the noises fade away.

I looked around
and saw no one;
just me and Him alone.

I lifted my head
and in His eyes
Mercy so brightly shone.

He said
where now are your accusers?
Their just in your mind don’t you see?

Neither do I condemn you;
in fact,
I died to set you free.

It is done
it is finished
by my blood I washed you white.

In the cross
I died your death
so you would live my life.

~ a poem made while reflecting on John 8:1-11~

One thought on “Self-condemnation

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