The Necessity of the Desert | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

Since last week, I feel I am going through a lot of disappointments and frustrations. Most of my top prayer items return unanswered. And I have to admit I am again feeling let down by God.

Some of the prayer items I have had time elements involved, and I naturally wrapped my personal plans and goals around these time frames. Then boom! There goes the timeline, the plan, and my high hopes, all going down the sink.

I am again being tempted to cry out, I’m so disappointed with You Lord.

I feel terribly upset, and frustrated. Yes, I am very impatient and I believe it is one thing that God is dealing with me.

Then, this newsletter came as if confirming that my realizations are correct. Sigh. Truly God speaks in ways He alone knows.

Do you feel God disappointed you? Maybe you would also benefit from this newsletter entry from Prime Time With God daily devotional emails.

The Necessity of the Desert
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1, by Os Hillman

image lifted from…”I have become an alien in a foreign land.” Exodus 2:22

God’s preparation of a leader involves training, extended times of waiting, pain, rejection, and isolation. Are you ready to sign up?
Moses was brought up in Pharaoh’s court. He had the very best of everything-education, clothing, food, and personal care. But there came a time when the man God would use to free an entire people from slavery was going to have to learn to be the leader God wanted. At age 40, when most of us want to be thinking about winding down instead of beginning a new career, Moses was forced to flee to the desert.
Like Joseph and Abraham, Moses had to endure some difficult years of preparation that first involved removal from his current situation. He went from notoriety to obscurity, from limitless resources to no resources, from activity and action to inactivity and solitude. And, most importantly, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. He probably thought he would die in the land of Midian.
Then one day, a full 40 years from the day he arrived, God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. Everything changed. God said, “It is time.” The years had seasoned the vessel to prepare him to accomplish the work.
God is preparing many workplace believers today. The circumstances may be different. The time frames may not be quite as long. But the characteristics of the training are still the same. Do not try to shortcut the desert time of God. It only leads to cul-de-sacs, which force you to revisit the lessons you are meant to learn. Embrace them, so that He can use your life for something extraordinary.
Today God Is First (TGIF) devotional message, Copyright by Os Hillman, Marketplace Leaders.

Thoughts to Ponder:

When was the last time that God frustrated your plans? How did you react?


7 thoughts on “The Necessity of the Desert | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

    • Good for you then.
      Me, sometimes it really is a tough thing learning about submission to His will, especially if it feels like my plans are so brilliant I thought God gave it to me, only to be foiled because it’s not sync with His. 😦

      Sorry, I’m not a good Christian.

      • You are as good a Christian as any. We’re all on a learning curve, a journey of faith. You might try seeing more of the comedy in our ability to fool ourselves. God’s communications with me are obscure at best, so I just try to be kind to others, and to myself. I believe we were granted free will as an act of love, even though use of that gift will inevitably involve making a lot of mistakes. Well, no one becomes a good driver overnight either, and God’s ability and intent to be forgiving exceeds ours.

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