Saved Festival 2012 | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

The stage trembled, the people roared, worship filled the Big Dome and His presence swept the place… To say that the launching of Saved Festival last year was victorious is an understatement; now the Filipino worshipers are excited for more.

This year SAVED FESTIVAL 2012 will be invading MOA Arena on October 26, 2012 — the first worship event to be held at this wonderful new venue.

International bands ABANDON, THE KATINAS and DESPERATION BAND  will be joining Cebu-based worship team PAGLAUM and Manila’s very own GLORYFALL.

Here’s an excerpt from their official website:

SAVED FESTIVAL brings together the Filipino Christian community. Pastors and church leaders from all over the Philippines gather in one place not only to exalt His name through heart-felt music, but also to immerse themselves in bold Gospel- sharing, testimonies, and rendering of their faith through the altar call.

SAVED FESTIVAL’s themes always focus on relevant issues of the local church. Last year, the theme revolved around living an authentic Christian life – a life with no compromise. This year, SAVED FESTIVAL 2012 will be an admonition against false teachings, to ask the church to be vigilant in seeking out and verifying God’s truth by what is written in His Word.

The Artists

DESPERATION BAND will be leading Filipinos into worship for the very first time. Prior to their visit to our country, a lot of their songs have already found their places in the worship line-up of most Filipino Christian Churches.  They are best known for songs like “Love song”, “I Am Free”, “My Savior Lives”, “Amazed”, “Here In Your Presence”, “Desperation’, “Rescue”, “Overcome”. Being my personal favorite, their songs always make my top worship playlist.

THE KATINAS, a family of 5  brothers, is another personal favorite. They last visited the Philippines in 2008, and the Pinoys are welcoming them home with open arms. They are best known for  their unique rendition of Christian favorite songs like “Thank You”, “Draw Me Close” and “I give You my heart”.

ABANDON is an American Christian Rock band from Texas. Their first single  “Providence” reached No. 7  on R&R’s Chirstian Rock charts. “Let Go” was a major hit in the introduction video of Saved Festival last year, with the band debuting this year live at SAVED FESTIVAL 2012!

Glory Fall is one of Manila’s finest Christian bands on the rise.  They have released 4 albums so far. But the one thing that stands out about this band is their passion to see true worship return to the church and their commitment to empower Pinoy Christian musicians, as evident in their numerous worship seminars and evangelistic concerts throughout the Philippines. You can visit their Facebook fan page for more information about this awesome band.

I tried to search for information about Cebu-based band PAGLAUM, but I haven’t gotten any. I will update this post  as soon as I got one. (Paging BMI records)

Our hearts are expectant for SAVED FESTIVAL 2012; this annual festival gathers people from all over the world to lift up the name of Jesus together with Filipino believers. We hope that your church will join us for this event, and we hope that you will use this event to challenge Christians to grow intimately in their relationship and love for Jesus Christ and invite people to know more about Him.


Please call:

SM TICKETS at 470.2222

BECCA MUSIC at 910.5524 / 910.5352 or click here to reserve tickets.

PCBS (Philippine Christian Bookstore) Branches:

  • PCBS Alabang – 8420208
  • PCBS CUBAO EDSA – 7267677 / 4137775
  • PCBS MAKATI – 8446268
  • PCBS MASAGANA 3533898
  • PCBS SM FAIRVIEW – 3556900
  • PCBS MONUMENTO – 3612368
  • PCBS UNITED NATIONS – 5220691 / 5325501

OMF Literature Branches:



PBS UN AVENUE – 5215792

House of Praise branches:

  • HOP Panay – 9205291 loc. 139
  • HOP Vmall – 09172705596
  • HOP St. Francis – 09124354331
  • HOP Festival – 09082003587
  • HOP Galleria – 09238320883

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