A letter to my Prayer Partner | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

A letter to my Prayer Partner
(When we Hold Hands in Prayer)


Image lifted from: http://sallysjourney.typepad.com/sallys_journey/2012/03/encounter.html

When we hold hands in prayer, I feel whole.

Dear Honey,

I know I am not always vocal about what I feel. But today, I just want to share with you what I feel when we pray together.

When we hold hands in prayer and it is my turn to pray, I often can not begin to utter a single word. That moment is so “magical” it overwhelms my senses. Magical, for the lack of any word to describe it best.

When we hold hands in prayer, it feels like in that moment, something deep, deep inside of me gets completed. I also feel His presence strongly, gently whispering that He blesses our union. Do you hear Him, too?

You often say you are not very good at praying, especially when praying out loud. But sweetheart, I want you to know that when you pray for me, I feel like it is the best prayer I have ever heard. Each word you said, wrapped in your precious tears, makes me feel twice as strong.

I’m sorry I open one eye once in a while, and sometimes both eyes wide open; I just can’t believe that someone so beautiful is praying for me in tears. And when you cry, I cry too. (but I wipe them quickly before you open your eyes).

They say that the Lord knows when a girl cries, and keeps a woman’s tears in a bottle. I wonder what He was thinking, knowing that you shed those tears as you pray for me. (Please don’t cry next time, He might think I make you cry and take you away.)

So if there is one place in the world I’d rather be, that would be in your loving arms, praying with you, in His presence. Your love is the closest to heaven that I’d ever been; Where all doubt is lost, all fear is gone.

Because when we hold hands in prayer, I know the search for my missing rib is over — I have found the one.

I love you.


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