My take on Bro. Eddie’s Senatorial bid and what JIL members need to know

Bangon Pilipinas Party

Bangon Pilipinas Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UPDATE: Please take time to read my Open letter to Bangon Pilipinas volunteers.

This is a message to all JIL members, Bangon Pilipinas campaign managers and supporters, and even to the critics of Bro Eddie Villanueva.

Just let the man run. He has decided in his heart to compete in the political arena for the 3rd time, so respect his decision to run. He knows what pain and trouble he is getting his family into, so let him run.

But please stop campaigning as if he is the “messiah” of the Philippine politics, that Juan dela Cruz will live under God’s open heaven once he gets into office, or the country has never had any stellar candidate like him. He is NOT a messiah so please stop claiming things the man does not and would not claim for himself. Don’t put him up on an altar a pedestal for all Pinoys to see — he  is not a golden calf. We all know Pinoys are very cautious towards cult-like activities, and yet the way some of us behave towards him is nothing short of a freaking cult member; some, but not all.

Let’s face it, the man has imperfections and he still struggles with his sinful nature on a daily basis. His family has scandals of their own. He is never holier nor better than the least JIL member. On his own accord, he is not as righteous as some claim him to be. He is just another imperfect Christian in need of God’s grace, just like everyone of us. Yes, his sense of moral ascendancy is far better than other politicians I know, but if you think his principles and Biblical wisdom alone would earn him a seat in the Senate, then think again. And if  you think “He will prepare the way of the Lord in the Senate” is a good campaign slogan, I’ll be first to say it is WALEY.

And oh, please stop spiritually harassing other members of the Body of Christ (or another JIL member) should they decline to support the man. The Bro. Eddie I know is a champion of human rights, and he will never impose himself to anyone. And yet some of us still go too far. There’s nothing more irksome to hear than another JIL member quoting Esther 4:14 during campaign. Are we to proclaim curses pass judgment on another soul that Jesus died for, will God will blot his name from the Book of Life, just because they do not support our candidate?

Now will I vote for him? Of course I will. He is still far better than some politicians I know. At least his tweets and FB posts are original and not just plagiarized versions of another stateman’s speech. He has more credibility than any action-star-turned-legislator, and he has fought more battles on the hard  lines of rallies than someone did in the basketball hard court.

But will I once again put on my golden-yellow shirt and shout “Bangon Pilipinas!”? That I’m not sure. Maybe it depends on whether his campaign managers would take their strategies to a paradigm shift.

I was once in the front-line of his 2 campaigns, and I’ve seen enough spiritual frenzy amongst  the JIL members and BP supporters — everyone, including myself, had elevated Bro Eddie to “political messiah” status. In fact, that was our battle cry.

We were so convinced that it was God’s will that he wins. Looking back, it was an extremely risky gamble. We thought we had nothing to lose, and I have seen people laying everything on the line for the campaign of our messiah. Some of us even mixed evangelism with electioneering, leading people to Christ in every opportunity. Some of us even went as far as promising God’s blessings on the account of voting for “God’s chosen candidate”. We have confidently but blindly placed our faith and everything we have on the results of the election. And so when the results came, we were devastated. Our faith were shattered. The weak in spirit crumbled. Some of us lost more than just the election bid — we lost our job, we doubted our faith, we marred our relationships, we alienated fellowship with other believers, we lost our pride.

So I am appealing to everyone who reads this blog, especially to his die-hard supporters. I am still confident Bro Eddie’s credentials would speak for itself. Focus on the task at hand, but separate Church and State. Stop clothing his campaign with spiritualism, or associate his political bid with God’s sovereign plan of salvation. This is politics, a God-instituted system of governance founded on every Filipino’s democratic rights. If he wins or lose, it means the people exercised their God-given freewill to vote. And please for crying out loud, do not make promises of national prosperity should he win, nor declare the country will be under God’s curses should he lose. And this time, accept with spiritual maturity whatever the results of the election would be, and maybe, only then will we regain our pride and the respect of the Filipino people for us Bible-believing Christians.

55 thoughts on “My take on Bro. Eddie’s Senatorial bid and what JIL members need to know

  1. kuya, thanks for this.. I couldn’t agree more. Actually ngayon medyo skeptical ako of things like this, like I’m weighing them also because of what had happened before. We must still use our conscience and wisdom, and treat every candidate with fairness. more blessings po..

    • most of us are, Gray. Most are skeptical, and some are even in a state of disbelief til now that he is yet running again.

      And maybe that’s why I wrote this. I was giving voice to the silent majority who if only they can speak would probably say the same things i said above

      • Onga po eh, marami talagang tahimik lang. Sa pagcomment ko nga lang po dito ay siguro may mga tataas ang kilay sa’ken haha pero ok lang. I think it’s high time to voice out our opinions, kahit na parang ‘taliwas’ ito sa daloy, pero isipin nalang natin na CHALLENGE ‘to.

  2. Another good write ups! Thumbs up for that dude…we just lay down everything to God to transform the Philippines not in the hand of the man of God…God has his own agenda…let him do it in His own way…Bro. Eddie knows his calling and what he is for….

  3. very well said… you have so many points… and at least you have said it… i believe with courtesy and respect. God bless.

  4. paano na pag swertihin c brother eddie na manalo baka medyo manlamig sa pag akay sa mga kapatiran kc hati na ang knyang oras as politician and a pastor ……..

    • the great commission is not just his duty, but the duty of all Christians. should he win, pwede naman gampanan ng ibang tao ung mababakante nyang position. Sa gawain ng Diyos, no one is indispensable.

  5. palagay ko ayusin muna nya ang dumi sa loob ng simbahang ginagalawan nya. kung dun nga nagkakalabuan, lalabas pa ba sya? sa ayw man nya o hndi, the standing of the JIL will speak for him. ano ba status ng mga local churches nila? hindi ba nagtitiis pa rin sa init at kakarampot na allowances? oh oo nga pala binawasan na rin. so baka ganun din mangyari sa sambayanan.

    • hmmm, you seem to be leading to something.
      pero I agree dun sa last mong statement: the standing of JIL will reflect on him. maaring hindi na nya kayang ayusin ito personally in his own power, pero this is where his leaders can help. I hope they implement things in the grassroot levels so yung mga ganitong complains na sinasabi mo ay ma-address. (pasensya na I dont have first hand info tungkol dun sa mga allowance na binawasan so I can’t comment further)

  6. is the finance team willing to dispense info without the approval of the church pastor? if so, you can ask at swerte mo bro! or else you will be marked as a “questioning guy”.

  7. if you are also observant ask mo rin yung quota system, na kapag hndi ka umabot sa certain quota eh bababa ang grading mo as a church.. hahaha. nakakatawa lang, alam ko ang quota eh to win souls, well i dont know baka nga pinaghahandaan itong election na to, plus kapag na-late ka ng remitance may penalty ka (clarify mo din) baka mali ako, pero kapag nag-request ka ng gamit para sa church lumulusot ka sa butas ng karayom. maybe i am wrong but i if yoy want to dig deeper, be ready.

  8. I am for Bro. Eddie!
    Our country is in need of a righteous and courageous leader. If Secretary Joel Villanueva of TESDA is doing great and hundreds of thousands are being blessed.. how much more if his father will join him in building Good Governance. I GO FOR GOD-FEARING, RIGHTEOUS AND COURAGEOUS AND NATION-LOVING GOVERNMENT LEADERS!

    • During campaign, EVERY POLITICIAN is God-fearing, courageous and nation-loving govt leaders. And those who dont know Bro Eddie do not know the difference and they DONT CARE.

      So how can Bro Eddie standout?

    • i have a friend working in tesda, she said that dir.joel is favoring more funds for bocaue’s scholarship other than provinces…because bocaue, bulacan are his hometown.. i’m not judging sec.joel but as christians we have to stand for our faith and righteousness in doing honest deeds… bro.eddie, sec. joel and other pastors are prone to sin as well other christians because we are still in our fallen nature…only God can save or nation and He uses people whether believers or non-believers to manifest His agenda or will…

  9. I do agree with the article specially sa campaign na ginawa for him last tym… We make it a spiritual campaign rather a political campaign… I think yung mga nagcomment dito is a Bro Eddie follower before and some other Christians also… It is true that we have our Free will to choose specially we are in a democratic country. I supported Bro. Eddie the 2 elections, simply bcoz I believe with his credentials and intention to serve the country…

    • Thanks Joms, the intention of this article is to comment about the “approach” taken by his supporters during the last campaign. I have no problems with his 3rd attempt, but I do have problems with some supporters who seem to have confused political campaign with street evangelism crusades.

  10. The only thing right now i could tell all bloggers here is to say the truth and Question Bro Eddie leadership Ask what happen to Western Canada Ministry and the whole Canada its self ????? Too Sad and i hope they could answer that in paper!!!l

    • I understand where u are coming from. I assume you were part of (or related) to the JIL canada fallout. But if you were, why didnt u ask those questions yourself? Phils have no idea about that and it is a localized issue. In my opinion,the Canada leaders are as accountable as the JIL leadership. It is a shared responsibility so I find it disappointing that Canada leaders are washing their hands squeaky clean about the issue and put all the blame to the leadership. Im not saying the leadership are faultless, not in the next 1000years. But please be more responsible by being accountable as well. That is the mark of true leadership.

  11. very weel said, this is what im telling to all of my friends… that’s why, in campaigning….NEVER USE JIL…THAT YOUR CAMPAIGNING FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR…

    rather, your campaigning for what you believe… vote with KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. Senate seat is not a JIL Office…. let the people vote for their choices.

  12. hindi nakikialam si bro eddie about sa financing ng church. ang dapat tanungin about money matter issue nayan ay ung mga taong pinagkatiwalaan na hawakan ang budget ng church.dito lang sa church namin kelangan pa namin mag raise ng funds para lang makabili ng musical instruement,,,pero ganun talaga dahil hindi naman lahat mayayaman ang mga attendee at hindi naman nag oobliga ang church na mag tithes lahat,,kung sino lang ang may gusto…kaya wala halos pera ang church namin….si bro eddie,,dinonate na nia halos lahat ng property nila sa kapakanan ng church kaya parang napaka unfair na isisi lang natin sa kanya lahat ng pagkukulang,,,kaya nga may JIL management na dapat tumutulong sa kanya para gumana ng maayos ang church ang kaso,,,kung sino pa ung nasa management tina take advantage nila ang pagkakaron ng authority na makontrol ang mga funds at ang masaklap kapag nagkaron ng aberya kay bro eddie agad ang sisi. bago pa makarating sa kanya,,,e marami ng nasabi ang iba sa kanya. tulad nalang sa canada issue na yan…sa management pala ng jil canada mismo galing ang problema at kalokohan at ang itinurong may sala ay ang local main church na walang kaalam alam sa nanyayari. wag natin iasa lahat kay bro eddie,,,dahil tao lang sia na katulad mo rin. mahirap maging isang bro eddie,,,,

  13. ok lang saken kung matalo si bro eddie sa pangatlong pagkakataon,,,,ang mahalaga binoto ko ang karapatdapat ….ang isang boto ko ay mahalaga….bakit ko sasayangin sa mga taong di naman nagpakita ng pagmamahal sa Dios at Bayan. kaya kay bro eddie nalang ako, matalo o matalo.

  14. kaya nga tatakbo c bro eddie dahil gusto na niyang ma bago ang takbo ng buhay ng mga pilipino.. gusto nlang ba natin mga trapo ang mga tao sa senado?. na try na natin lahat pero wala pa rin nababago. umangat nga ang pinas, hindi naman naramdaman ng mga tao… patuloy pa rin ang pag hihirap… sana ma unawaan niyo ang pag takbo ni bro.eddie sa senado dahil kapag righteous ang lider sigurado tayong marami ang mababago…

  15. Still,, i can’t judge those who support bro. Eddie… maybe you can ask them one by one if what is their motivation why they’re supporting Bro….

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  17. jil people believes that if bro.eddie become president or senator,philippines will prosper like israel when david ruled his country… because they associate bro eddie to king david, from priestly to kingly annoited… firstly, david was not a priest..he came from the tribe of judah not levi and secondly israel is the only perfect theocratic government ever existed…and other countries used to copy it became disatrous like rome, france, iran… if God rally wants or He wills it that our nation will prosper,,no one can stop or take it…. but let us wait to do His perfect will… He is in control of everything…the only group of people or nation that will become israel is the churches of Christ…He promise an abundant life to us not here on earth because we are not of this world but we are citizens of heaven..and eternal life awaits on every true Christians…temporarily we live here on earth as ambassador of Christ…our mandate is to bring more filipinos to Christ so that they too can experience a lasting relationship with Christ and someday rule 1000 years with Christ here on earth to establish His Kingdom to govern perfectly all nations…. and the Bible cencouraged us Christians to pray and to submit for our ruler, in authority whether they are Christians or not, whether we voted them or not… because they are the entity that God will use to give us a peaceful society and for us to become a productive citizen….our God is a sovereign God!!! The Lord is our savior of our nation and he uses people to accomplish His will…..

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