When God Allows Missed Opportunities | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

We all make wrong choices. We all missed good opportunities. Pero natanong mo na ba minsan sa sarili mo? What happened to the missed opportunities? Will my life be different if I did not miss that?

This coming year, it is possible we will encounter crossroads of 2 or more options. But what if we make bad choices and miss wonderful chances?

Here’s a story from a good friend. I pray it keeps your faith in God’s goodness unfaltering, like it did for me.

*Names and events where altered for privacy.

Too Good to Miss out

Jenica was offered a promotion in her company, a position where she would lead her own team. But this also meant she would be leaving her present unit. She brought this up to her manager, who did not give anything concrete about career opportunities in her current functional unit.

In her heart, she believes God told her to wait.

Yet, the offer was too good to miss, and since there’s no counter-offer in her present unit, she accepted the promotion offer — only to discover later that she was being considered to take the place of her boss who was considering early retirement.

Consequences or Divine Intervention?

Some of us would be quick to point out: It is a consequence of disobedience, she missed a better opportunity because she did not wait. But aren’t we all guilty of disobedience atleast once? Abraham failed to remain steadfast, yet Isaac was born as promised.

Meanwhile. the enemy tried to insert doubt into my mind:

“If God is omniscient, He knows Jenica would miss a far greater opportunity. If it was aligned with His will, He would have intervened and stopped her from taking the jump. Or does God take pleasure seeing us cry over spilled milk, which in Jenica’s case wouldn’t be necessary had she not known there’s a better opportunity? Well, she could be better off not knowing that a “better choice” exists — grateful to her God without any sense of regret that she’s holding a mere second best.”

In my secret place, I inquired with the Lord. His response:

“The promotion is not hers, but the lesson is (referring to the second opportunity).

One day in her life, she will encounter another decision point where she must make a choice between 2 good options — and I want her to choose the better one. It is my will that she selects the better one, and I will ensure the choice she will make is aligned to my will. 

That is why I had to give her the “lesson of missed opportunity”.

You see, because she felt she made a wrong choice today, this lesson will lead her to a decision in her heart that when I say wait, she will wait. But had she not failed today, she has no lesson to remember in the future once she’s on that crossroad of 2 good options.”


Do not worry about making bad choices and missing chances this year, because God is faithful in working things together for our good.

He is God both of chances we take and choices we make.

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