An out-of-body experience?

Na-experience nyo na ba yung para kang na-out of body habang gising ka?

The Pensieve as seen in David Yates' Harry Pot...

The Pensieve as seen in David Yates’ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did. Habang nag-aayos ako ng sampayan and I am lost in thoughts. I whispered, “Lord, hindi ko maintindihan”. Then suddenly may bumulong, “I will tell you great things you don’t know”.

It felt like time stopped, something very similar to the Pensieve of Harry Potter movies.

I was taken to a place where past events of my life, triumphs and failures flashed before me and revealed that they are not random circumstances but they actually happened for a defined purpose — I even had a glimpse of what future holds. A future where all those things, both good and bad, pointed to. A future prepared, a future full of hope.

These happened in split seconds, ang weird ng feeling but I feel peace and joy unspeakable. It was like a dream, but I know I’m not dreaming. At yung kanina na hindi ko maintindihan, naging super-linaw. Parang rollercoaster ride in 4D. Siguro ganito yung sinasabi nilang kapag humarap ka na sa Diyos ipapakita sayo ang buhay mo.

I hope someone can explain. I hope I’m not the only one who experience this. And I hope maulit.


5 thoughts on “An out-of-body experience?

  1. it might be a vision. a short one nga lang ^_^
    ako rin nung April/May 2013 ata nung tulog naman ako, habang nananaginip ay parang humiwalay ang kaluluwa ko sa katawan. The dream, I believe, was from God…

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