How Can I Be A New Creation Yet Still Be The Old Me?

This post nailed down all the questions I have about the daily struggle of an Imperfect Christian. Next time someone asks me about the “New Creation” principle, I’ll send them right to this posts. Thanks Matt for this wonderful post and Kudos to The Bridge Chicago crew.

Postscript:  The Bridge Chicago is a blog produced by Christian missionaries in the field of prison ministry, but this blog is for anyone going through a rough time.


Anonymous asked:

Could you please explain the idea of being a new creation while still living inside our sinful nature? I believe we get renewed daily, growing in Christ-likeness yet never achieving perfection till the after-life. I understand it in my heart, but it’s hard to put it in words: how can I be new yet still be old?

I answered:

“New creation” is one of those christianese phrases that church people sometimes say without defining, as if it were self explanatory. It is not, though you definitely are on the right track. You are dead on with your description of growing to become more like Jesus daily. The theological term for that process is “sanctification.” That process starts when you accept Christ, which is also when you become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).

The important thing about that phrase is what you point out- you become a new…

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