Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer

I don’t know what is worse:

a) yung isu-sugar coat ang teachings para maging “bukal sa loob ang pagbibigay” or
b) yung titirahin ka ng guilt-trips sa pulpito by saying “kasalanan sa Diyos ang hindi pagta-tithes ng tama at pago-offering” na kadalasan ay susundan ng mga verses/true stories as consequences of failure like nagkasakit, nalugi sa negosyo or nanakawan/nasunugan.

Seriously Church, are we serving a God na naghihintay lang na magkamali tayo so he can have reasons to punish us? Or are we serving a God who looks for reasons so He can show His steadfast love that never ceases, who makes the sun shine and the rain fall, both for the good and the wicked?

I dunno about you, but the God I know is gracious, slow to anger and blesses me regardless of what I did or failed to do — because of Jesus’ finished work. He lovingly leads me towards knowing Him more.

I know madami na naman magtataas ng kilay dito, (labeled rebelde na naman ako nito, hehe) but I’d rather be like the Bereans “who received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul (or any preacher) said was true. — Acts 17:11

Sabi ng isang JIL pastor sa akin (di na lang ako mag-namedrop), “You know you are maturing in faith if you start to doubt, question, challenge and prove your own faith in order to know His Truth more.”

(PS: I don’t like prosperity gospel either.)

Church Is Messy (and that's a good thing)

I have been preaching for 20 years.  Yesterday I did something that I have never done before in a sermon.  I publicly called out false teachers and named them by name.  I said,

If you listen to Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer, if you take what they teach seriously, it will not be good for you.  It will be detrimental to your long-term growth as a follower of Jesus.

(You can watch the sermon by clicking here)

I used to think that their error was so blatantly obvious that they could just be ignored.  I was wrong.  They are massively growing in popularity in the evangelical world and are seen as credible and helpful.  Before I’m inundated with questioning emails I want to share why I distrust these two and think you should as well.  So, don’t shoot met–at least not yet.

This post will be long, very long.  And…

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