To the Christian Struggling with Sin, Keep Struggling.

After posting my blog about my view on daily Christian struggles, this great blog post seem to echo the very words and cry of my heart.


I would love to highlight a few words that struck me:

We must realize that knowing we’re messed up and knowing that we’ve failed God are tremendous blessings…

If the Holy Spirit was not in us, convicting us of sin and leading us to repent, there would be no struggle. Our wills would be under the dominion of sin, in complete submission to Satan, and we would see absolutely nothing wrong with ourselves– neither in our actions nor our thoughts.

If you’re struggling, praise God. Seriously, praise His Name. Because if there were no struggle, there would be no salvation.  When you fall, get back up and keep fighting. When you’re weary, wait on the Lord and He will revive you. Don’t try to live this life in your own strength, because you won’t succeed. Rely on Him….His presence. …His power…not yours.

For God’s elect, this kind of  ”talk” will lead toward more abundant life as they learn to walk in the unwavering, infinite grace of God. The gospel of grace will free God’s children from the bondage of death, break the chains of corruption, and loose the noose of addiction. Some people will be freed from different struggles instantaneously, for some it will be a process… possibly a life long process. But the fact of the matter is that all of us, every one of God’ s elect, will be freed from this body of death on the Day already set by the Father. You’re appointment for complete freedom from your sinful nature has already been scheduled. Put your hope in that Day.


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