A new blogger is in town

Hi friends,

I am very excited to share to you that my twin brother has joined the growing list of bloggers-in-arms.

He wants to be called Professor Daydreamer, and he will be blogging about everyone’s favorite topic: Love and Relationship.

I’m sure you will love his writing style. He is witty, makulit, blunt, a natural joker, very unpredictable and sometimes sarcastic. When we were younger, he almost always gets into trouble because of his rowdy character. He’s also says he is a reformed “chickboy”, something he was very proud of during our younger years. but man, he talks with sense. And when it comes to love and relationship, he sure knows his stuff. Given his “colorful past”, wisdom truly comes with age.

And here’s the  sweet part: he will be blogging in Tag-lish (mixture of tagalog and english).

And so to help him learn the ropes,  I have decided that all my love and relationship posts will be “moved” to his WordPress blogsite. This also means I will no longer be blogging about love and relationship here. But guess what, I’m gonna be a guest blogger there!


He’s not (yet) a full-pledged Christian the way we know it. (But he’s getting there!) So please excuse some of his words/thoughts/phrases that may sound “unChristian”, he’s a big talker ya know. Maturity sure takes its sweet time.

So here it is, his new blogsite.




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