Credibility: Give yourself permission

When I started blogging, I wrestled with thoughts of self-doubt, inadequacy and ineligibility. Self-deprecating thoughts like, “I’m not an expert in this.” or “What if there are experts reading it and they don’t agree with what I say, and they find my statements amusing instead of convincing?”

Madami akong blog posts na hindi ko na-publish because the critic in me won’t allow me to publish it because it doesn’t sound credible enough. I am my worst critic. I have always thought na only those who have proven themselves, are credible and can have the credibility to speak on matters they are credible to speak about. Redundant diba?

But a good friend and published author Mighty Rasing, who wrote StartUp and SuperEpic (out in bookstores now), told me these lines:

Give yourself permission. Like ako, kung tutuusin wala ako karapatan mag-blog about career dahil nasa ministry naman ako. Pero ito ang pinanghahawakan ko bro: I have a story, some people need to hear my story kasi similar kami ng pinagdaanan. And God is there.

Ang challenge actually is your authenticity. Sabi nga ng isang nabasa ko – what is most personal is universal.

So go ahead, give yourself permission.”

Ang bangis diba!

Also I learned that credibility, like trust, is earned overtime. Personal experiences have a powerful leveling effect, which gives each of us the permission and the credibility to speak about our experiences and the lessons we drew from them. The AUTHENTICITY and CHARACTER, not the words we say or write, is what gives weight to that credibility.

Do you have something to share? Give yourself permission to speak.
It may not appeal to the so-called experts, but there are far more amateurs and beginners than experts out there, waiting to hear your story.

Stay blessed.

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