Joy. Love. Sacrifice. Christmas.

Joy. Love. Sacrifice. Christmas.

Christmas is about giving; God gave his Son Jesus as a gift hindi dahil He is expecting anything in exchange but because He wants to show His love. Christmas is about love in the form of sacrifice from the Giver of all things.

I have always believed that faith has to be practiced in order to fully grasp its deeper meaning. To step into an actual experience at hindi lang basta theory. So to fully understand this concept, I challenged myself not to buy any self-gift this Christmas season, but the money will have to go somewhere else as if bumili pa rin ako.

My purpose is simple and deeply personal: self-evaluation. Gusto ko makita kung magwi-withhold ba ako. Hanggang saan ba ang aking generosity threshold? Barya lang ba ang kaya kong ibigay? What if God is gonna bless me with 1Million next year, so ang 10% noon ay 100,000. Kung ngayon pa lang magdadamot na ako, how can he entrust more blessings to me? Sabi nga, It is not sacrifice unless it costs you something. I realised that for love to be true, it has to hurt.
Pero in a twist of unusual and unexpected event, I was volunteered by my teammates to join a singing contest in our company Year End party.

It was the first singing contest that I ever joined, and I got the 2nd place. Along with the trophy is a brand new iPad Mini.

iPad Mini with retina display. photo owned by respective owners.

iPad Mini with retina display. photo owned by respective owners.

We cannot outgive God. He loves challenges more than we do.

Ikaw? Kelan ka huling nag faith challenge?

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