My Notes fall under the following categories:

  • All about God – Realizations, discoveries and thoughts about God and His divine being
  • Faith and Spirituality – Musings, questions about Faith
  • Career and Profession – thoughts and lessons about our careers, sources of income and the workplace
  • Love and Relationships – crushes, dating, romance, marriage, sex and intimacy… you know the drift.
  • Family – includes relatives and family friends
  • Church and Ministry – The Bride of the Lamb and the Vineyard
  • Our Country and the community – to contain my rantings about national issues and local concerns
  • Stories
    • Personal Testimonies – This is will be a growing section of how I personally encounter God’s grace, mercy and goodness in my daily life.
    • Stories of Other people – because great stories of other people are worth sharing
    • Fictional – an avenue for the frustrated author/story writer in me

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