Lessons from Church-inflicted scars

I was projecting my hurt and humiliation at an institution because that’s a much larger target.

God does not care about your past

In the time of Jesus, the genealogy is traced on the male (Father) side. So it is quite interesting to observe that in Matthew 1, there are 5 women who were mentioned as part of Jesus’ lineage. 1. Tamar, the daughter in law of Judah (whom Judah got pregnant with twins) 2. Rahab, the prostitute…

A pastor’s confession: I Let Ministry Define My Identity

Pastor Paul Tripp shared his struggles: There are only two places to look. I will either get my identity vertically, from who I am in Christ, or I will shop for it horizontally in the situations, experiences, and relationships of my daily life. This is true of everyone, but I am convinced that pastors are particularly tempted to seek their identity horizontally.


One night before the Lord I find myself thrown to the ground. Utterly condemned by my own conscience — accusations in a deafening sound. My mind screaming of self-condemnation thinking what the people would say. Then the Lord wrote on the ground and immediately all the noises fade away. I looked around and saw no…