2015: Year of Beholding

Behold, 2015 is the year of pleasant surprises, unbelievable twists, great revelations and wonderful unfoldings. Like a great novel, this year will be the climax of wonderful stories and good things that I started.

Credibility: Give yourself permission

When I started blogging, I wrestled with thoughts of self-doubt, inadequacy and ineligibility. Self-deprecating thoughts like, “I’m not an expert in this.” or “What if there are experts reading it and they don’t agree with what I say, and they find my statements amusing instead of convincing?” Madami akong blog posts na hindi ko na-publish…

A Letter to my 21-year old self

I discovered something empowering. Inspired by “Days of Future Past”, naisipan kong sulatan ang aking “younger-self” as I celebrated my birthday. In that letter, I sort of did a “time travel” and encouraged the younger me about the days that are yet to come.