An Open letter to my Pastor

Dear Pastor, I’ve seen how you stood your ground against back-stabbers and gossipers who tried to undermine your integrity, fighting them with prayers soaked in tears. I watched as you weathered every storm that comes your way. You are pillar of unwavering faith, a beacon of hope, a model of perseverance.

Depression and Suicide in Social Media

Right now, one of your friends may be suffering from depression or thinking about suicide, and is subconsciously using social media to seek help. We have a responsibility to respond, and our response– or the lack of it– may be the difference between life and death.

A Letter to my 21-year old self

I discovered something empowering. Inspired by “Days of Future Past”, naisipan kong sulatan ang aking “younger-self” as I celebrated my birthday. In that letter, I sort of did a “time travel” and encouraged the younger me about the days that are yet to come.