When my Church hurts me | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

Sharing my thoughts for those who have been hurt. A story of love affair with an Imperfect Church. And just like any healthy love affair, this includes love and pain, growing and learning.


Confession of an Imperfect Christian

  Every Christian has his own imperfections. Contrary to what most people believe, being a Christian does not mean becoming like Christ, rather it is the process of becoming like Christ. It is not the destination, but the journey. It is not the resting state of perfection, but rather being on an active state of…

Pride and humility, destruction and honor

When we think about pride, madalas ang unang pumapasok sa isip natin ay larawan ng isang arrogant person. Mayaman, may kotse, signature clothes, mapanlait, self-centered, ayaw magpa-correct, and the list could go on. At madalas pa, kapag naiisip natin ang pride, we can immediately identify a person or persons na nagtataglay nito. And ang pinakamadalas,…