The day God told me to wear an earring

What would you do, what would you feel, if one day God told you to do something considered “inappropriate” in the Christian community you grew up?

This morning, I posted this prayer in my FB page:

my shame for your glory

I never thought God will take that prayer seriously; minutes later, a thought came into mind: “Lagyan mo ng hikaw ang isa mong tenga”.

At first, I dismissed it to be one of my weird thoughts.

But the thought lingered. And I knew in my heart that this is not from me.

“Lord, is it from You?”

“It is I. Do not be afraid.” His peace rushed into my heart.

But my mind is resisting, nanginginig akong nagtanong. “Why would you tell your servant to do something scandalous?”

Then, he directed me to Hosea 1:2-3

When a message from the LORD came to Hosea, the LORD told him, “Go marry a prostitute and have children with her, because the land is prostituting itself by departing from the LORD.” So he went out and married Diblaim’s daughter Gomer. She conceived with him and gave birth to a son.

Nanginig ako at naluha.

“Have you ever thought what Hosea would have felt when I told him to marry a prostitute? The shame, the rumors, the pain na ipanganak ang panganay mo pero hindi ka sigurado kung anak mo nga talaga? “

I have a lot of questions. “Why me? Why like this? Kailangan ba talaga actual?”

male Christian with earring

But I also know I have to obey kahit hindi ko naiintindihan. Most of the time, God reveals His will to us after we take the first step of obedience — even if it sounds ridiculous.

I went to the mall and have my right ear pierced.

Naiisip ko na yung scandal. Nakikita ko na ang mga magtataas ng kilay. Naririnig ko na mga posibleng sabihin nila.

“Nabalitaan mo ba yung anak ni Sis Toyang? Worldy na raw! Naghihikaw na. Diba youth leader yun dati?”

“Hindi na kasi nakakapagsimba kaya nalalayo ang heart sa Lord.”

“Tsk tsk. Bad testimony. Naku ilayo mo yung anak mo at baka tularan!”

Pagpasok ko sa kwarto, napaluhod ako at humagulgol.

But God knew what’s in my heart.

You have a deep-seated desire for human approval and a terrible fear of rejection and condemnation.

Kagaya ng nararamdaman mo ngayon, ganyan din ang kalagayan ng puso ng maraming Kristiyano. Takot silang gumawa ng mga bagay, ng mga “kwestyonableng bagay”, hindi dahil ayaw nilang ma-displease Ako, kundi dahil ayaw nilang may masabi ang ibang tao, particularly ang Christian community. Pero kung pwedeng itago, kahit alam nilang mali, gagawin nila.

Most of my people have a deep-seated desire for human approval and a gripping fear of rejection and condemnation. THIS IS THE PRINCIPALITY that hovers over most of the Christian denominations and organizations. THIS IS THE SPIRIT that grips the heart and mind of many Christians, even the very elect — from the leader that sits at the top-most position down to the least member of the congregation — and it has remained unexposed.

You fear men, not the Lord. The thought of being the object of rumors in your Christian community scares you. Secondary na lang ang fear of the Lord at conviction ng Holy Spirit.

Now go and do as I told you, for I am making this as a sign to my people. Make this bold statement to take their attention, and speak where everyone can hear you.

For I will scandalize those that needs to be scandalized, and I will shake those that needs be shaken. And I will expose the hearts of my people, bringing their thoughts into the Light of Truth, that their hearts may be cleansed.

Listen, he who has an ear!

Most of you, even the very elect, have become modern-day Pharisees. Many of you do “righteous and holy things” to be observed by others, para magsilbing “good example”, para masabing “nakaka-bless”. You pride yourselves being in the “company of righteous people”, but the moment one of your brethren falls into sin, nilalayuan nyo sila na parang may nakadidiring sakit. You condemn those who needed comfort! Inilulubog nyo pa ang mga nalulugmok. You have made your gatherings a fellowship of hypocrites!

Instead of using my Word to bind the wounded, you have deliberately used My Word to inflict wounds, and to condemn the sins of one another. And you dare claim you are standing for truth, a spirit of boldness like My servant David? Open rebuke better than hidden love?

Listen, he who has an ear!

This is the truth! For God did not send His Son into the world that He might condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. 

This is love! Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. How could you say you love your brother if you are quick to throw words that wound, words that condemn, and you call it an act of love? Stop being a hypocrite! Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Personal Note:

In my heart, I did what I have done, out of a personal conviction. I am not writing this to justify the deed, nor am I forcing you to believe what you have read. May the Lord speak through your hearts, and let my shame be an instrument for His glory.

“Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” — Hebrews 12:3

7 thoughts on “The day God told me to wear an earring

  1. what a great revelation and eye-opener from the LORD who still speaks to us today. Naging devotion ko rin ang tungkol kay Hosea & Gomer dati~~ Kuya pashare po ako nito sa fb, ok lng po ba? Thank you and more blessings!

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