Joy. Love. Sacrifice. Christmas.

Joy. Love. Sacrifice. Christmas. Christmas is about giving; God gave his Son Jesus as a gift hindi dahil He is expecting anything in exchange but because He wants to show His love. Christmas is about love in the form of sacrifice from the Giver of all things. I have always believed that faith has to…



Sabado ng gabi. Lapat na ang dilim pero hindi pa rin sya nakakauwi.
Mayroon akong ibabalita sa kanya kaya di ko maiwasang mainip.
Pasado alas-siete na nang makauwi sya ng bahay.

A Testimony of God’s unmerited favor | Notes of an Imperfect Christian

Hi folks, I am so excited to share to all of you my first VLOG. And what better way of celebrating this new “achievement” other than sharing a personal testimony of God’s goodness. So here below is the link of my 5-ish video from YouTube. I hope you be encouraged and blessed! P.S> I think…


How I learned to be honest with God about my frustrations (part 2 of 2)

Maya maya pa, nakaramdam ako ng pagluwag ng dibdib. Ang dating galit ay naging tampo na lang. At namalayan ko na lang, nagsasalita ako na parang naglalabas ng tampo sa isang kaibigan, isang kaibigan na buong unawang iniintindi na nakapagsalita ako sa kanya ng mga bagay dahil sa bigat ng nararamdaman ko. Advertisements


How I learned to be honest with God about my frustrations (part 1 of 2)

Warning, this entry may motivate you to become authentic with God and discover freedom. It can make you become bolder to seek God and tell him your deepest hurts, fears, frustrations, even those that are directed at Him.This is the part of my life when I first took the courage and said, “I’m so disappointed…


The state between sleep and awake: a personal story

In my recent post, I shared to you  what happens to me when I have lucid dreams. Today, I am going to share with you the first encounter. May God remind me the details of it, and that you too might have the blessed assurance that “in all things God works for the good of…